There are a few different ways to use programmatically.

The API to is in a module called coverage. Most of the interface is in the coverage.Coverage class. Methods on the Coverage object correspond roughly to operations available in the command line interface. For example, a simple use would be:

import coverage

cov = coverage.Coverage()

# .. call your code ..



Any of the methods can raise specialized exceptions described in Coverage exceptions. supports plugins that can change its behavior, to collect information from non-Python files, or to perform complex configuration. See Plug-in classes for details.

If you want to access the data that has collected, the coverage.CoverageData class provides an API to read data files.


Only the documented portions of the API are supported. Other names you may find in modules or objects can change their behavior at any time. Please limit yourself to documented methods to avoid problems.

For more intensive data use, you might want to access the database file directly. The schema is subject to change, so this is for advanced uses only. database schema explains more.